White Violet

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Let's seize the opportunity of happiness.

Cool in midsummer.

According to Greek mythology, the goddess in charge of love and beauty Venus, because of her lover's faraway trip, said goodbye. The crystal tears fell on the soil. The next spring unexpectedly sprouted branches and bloomed beautiful and fragrant flowers, which were called violets.

Violet originated in southern Europe, and is very popular and popular in European and American countries. Its flowers have a faint fragrance. Europeans use it to make perfume, which is very popular with women. In the medieval south of Germany, it was also a custom to hang the first bunch of newly picked violets from the mast of a ship to celebrate their return to the world in spring.

The flower language of white violet is "cool in midsummer". The flowers bloom in April and May, when summer has not yet come, it is a cool time. When people see white violets, they will feel very peaceful.