Flos Hibisci Syriacus

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Gentle persistence,Life and growth in nature,Eternal beauty

The Flos Hibisci Syriacus bloom in the morning and fall in the evening, which is like a flash in the pan. But people often say that scarcity is the most valuable thing. Because the Flos Hibisci Syriacus bloom for a short time, people cherish their flowering time more. But the hibiscus flowers have the power to give people a kind of accumulated strength. Every time they wither, they want to open more splendidly next time.
It gives people the feeling that the sun is constantly falling and rising, and it is like the rotation of the four seasons from spring to autumn, but it is endless.
Flos Hibisci Syriacus has tenacious vitality. It can bloom from midsummer to early winter, with continuous buds and flowers, like a quiet, reserved and tenacious woman.

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