Pink Hyacinth

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Hyacinth is one of the most fragrant flowers among the flowering plants found by research. There is a legend about the origin of the English name "Hyacinth" of hyacinth: it is said that hyacinth was turned into a flower by the blood of the beautiful young man Hessian in Greek mythology.
When it has not yet blossomed, it is especially like garlic. It blossomed very amazingly. The common flower colors are pink, purple, blue, etc. The original species is light purple.
Hyacinth flower language includes: joy, life, happiness, passion, quiet love, and eternal memory. Its symbolic meaning is also positive and full of positive energy, which means that you can enjoy a rich life as long as you ignite the fire of life.
Different colors of it also have their own flower language.
Red hyacinth: Your love fills my heart
Purple Hyacinth: Sad and Melancholy Love
Blue hyacinth: life, perseverance
White hyacinth: love that dare not show
Pink hyacinth: admiration and romance
Yellow hyacinth: happy, happy with you

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