Creative 3D Virtual Gifts for Holidays and Special Occasions

With the holidays right around the corner, your shopping list and to-do list might be growing each day. It can be hard to come up with creative, thoughtful gifts, not to mention dealing with the shipping costs (and delays) of sending things to friends and family. At Yo.Town, we have a unique selection of 3D Art, including flowers and cakes that can be customized for any occasion. The best part is, these digital gifts can be sent easily by email and text, all with the click of a button. 

Digital Gifts for Any Occasion 

Not only are digital gifts perfect for the holidays, but they also suit a variety of occasions. We all have had last minute birthdays come up, or maybe a remote team that you want to say “thank you” to in a creative, innovative way. You might as well save yourself the time and money by crafting your own digital gift and have it arrive right on time to their phone or inbox. Digital gifts are suited for all occasions, including:

  • Holidays 
  • Christmas 
  • Birthdays 
  • Employees 
  • Teachers 
  • Funerals 
  • Sympathy 
  • Retirement 
  • Get Well Soon 
  • Weddings 


Why send a Digital Gift?

Here are some of the top reasons for opting for a digital gift over a traditional flower delivery or calling up your local bakery.  

3D Gifts with XR Experience.

The digital products are in 3D fashion, so you and the recipient can have an immersive extended reality (XR) experience just like real world products.

Remix and send your both real and virtual creativities

Our 3D gifts can be opened on Apple devices natively with built-in format, as well as Android devices. We even provide GIF images for you and the recipient to preview the gift anywhere and anytime.  

The best way to customize 

Yo.Town gifts allows you to customize gifts by adding your voice, music, and sketch. Your friends or family members will love opening their personalized gift that was made just for them. 


Stamps, cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, and gift-bags- these can all have an impact on the environment (not to mention the gift itself!) Why not save the extra paper that will get thrown away and think of more sustainable options. The same goes with flowers and cakes. Instead of sending flowers which only last a few weeks, send virtual ones that will last a lifetime. 

Enjoy the best experience forever 

Yo.Town gifts never decay and disappear from memory quickly. They could be your unique collections in NFT style. You own it and use it in your lifetime.

A great last minute gift 

No one will ever know you waited until the last minute to send the gift when it’s digital. You can have it arrive right in time, without any extra effort of shopping or calling around to arrange deliveries.  

Affordable for all budgets 

You can shop a variety of budget-friendly digital art that allows you to purchase add-ons, for less than the price of a Hallmark card and postage. 

Fast & easy delivery 

Send your digital gift over text, email, and social media. The person can receive any time of day and doesn’t have to be home to accept a delivery. You also don’t have to worry about delivery delays and the pricey fees that come along with it. 

Easily send bulk gifts 

Digital gifts are  great for bulk purchases, such as sending to your employees as an appreciation gift or giving to the teachers at your child’s school. 

We hope this list gives you some ideas for your next special occasion. Check out our blog post on how to place an order on our site, and we hope you have fun shopping at Yo.Town